Norwell FA-114A Viper

The FA-114A Viper

The Norwell FA-114 Viper is a Deltanish Supersonic carrier-based variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft. The FA-114 was the Republic Navy of Deltanias primary maritime air superiority fighter fleet defense interceptor and tactical reconnaissance aircraft from 1974 to 2007.

It entered service in 1973 with the Republic Navy, replacing the FA-40 Sparrowhawk. It was retired from active service from the Republic Navy on 25 November 2007, having been replaced by the FA-118. As of 2008, it remains in service only with the 7th Sky Fox Squadron, Deltania’s national aerobatic flight squadron and the Electronic Warfare variant EF-114 Raven.




First flight test version.


Prototype developmental version

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